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Country/Year: India/USA/2012
Genre: Thriller
Language: Hindi (English subtitles)
Running Time: 120 Minutes


Manan Sing Katohora


Devasish Ray
Tejash Natali
Nikkitasha Marwaha
Jyoti Singh
Paul Singh
Samir Stewart
Priya Mathur
Homi Irani
Vick Krishna
Chinmay Dhamane
Vicki Yung
Roni Mazumdar
Shalabh Agrawal
Nitin Verma
Sonny Chatrath
Mandira Mehra
Kashmera Shah


The film portrays the life of 11 people who belong to different walks of life. Though each individual has achieved a measure of success in their individual lives, their darkest secrets come out in the open when all of them are given some time for introspection, when they meet each other in a bizarre twist of events. They realise that their lives are inter-woven and this literally shakes up their... peaceful lives. Terrorized to the core by an unknown entity in an unfamiliar place, each individual is petrified and is hesitant to talk or take each other into confidence for one simple reason... The Fear of the Unknown!

Awards and Nominations

2012 Rising Star Award for Director Manan Singh Katohora
(Awarded by The Canada International Film festival)

Theatrical Trailer

About the Director

Manan Singh Katohora, known for his famous blog "WhackyWed," has always lived in 2 parallel worlds - reel world and real world.  Manan studied Computer Engineering in Pune where he came in close contact with the art of filmmaking. After his MBA from Pennsylvania-USA, he recieved a scriptwriting diploma from NYC.  His movie, as an actor and assistant-director, ‘Flavors’, released theatrically July 16 2004 in North America.  His directorial debut ARYA, a closed room psychological thriller released in spring 2005, and was nominated for three South Asian Media Awards.  Lead Actress Shetal Shah won 2005 Best Actress SAMA for Manan's ARYA. Katohora went on to make commercials for ZEE, NY1, CNN, ITV and Sony TV.   Following this he directed a music video featuring Reggie Benjamin, Sukhbir and Brandie Roderick of Baywatch, Starsky & Hutch fame. Thanks to the success of ‘ARYA’, he featured in the ‘TOP 50 Indian-Americans list’, in 2005, at #39. His second feature, 'When Kiran Met Karen,‘ played at festivals around the world. He directed two more shorts  - a comedy "Amar Ash Anthony" featuring famous comedians Vidur Kapur and Dan Nainan, and a drama 'Extrospection" featuring real life mother and daughter actors Susham Bedi and Purva Bedi. He is one of the few independent South Asian filmmakers whose film has screened twice in Switzerland.  He was recently on the cover of WASHINGTON POST – as the Producer of “E-Preeti” and Director of “9 ELEVEN” .  Also, his film, When Kiran Met Karen, a big festival hit, has had 27 successful screenings in the past 14 months around the world – more recently 4 screenings in Germany,  and 2 screenings at the prestigious Penn State University. 9 ELEVEN was released theatrically in India on Oct 7, 2011.


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