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DC South Asian Film Festival 2013 Weekend Schedule




Opening Night Friday May 10, 2013


Theater 1  (Buy Tickets)


6:00 PM

 Ticket Counter Opens

7:00 PM

Red Carpet, Fashion show, Reception with heavy appetizers and beverages.


8:30 PM

Opening Ceremony, Welcome, Q&A

9:15 PM

Women Off the Map - A short film by Vasant Nayak, followed by

Movie: Listen Amaya (Hindi), 1Hr, 48 Min

Post Screening Discussion by lead actor Farooq Sheikh and film's director Avinash Singh

Saturday May 11, 2013

9:30 AM-11:00 AM

 (Buy Tickets)

Crowne Plaza

Workshop - Cinematography and Photography workshop by Larry EngelAssociate Professor, Film and Media Arts, American University 

12:00 PM (Buy Tickets)

Theatre 1

Yaatra (Short film) followed by

Hansa (Hindi, India), 1 Hr, 28 Minutes  


Theatre 2

The Silver Bullet (Short film)

followed by
Bhoomiude Avakashikal (Malayalam, India), 1 Hr, 54 Min 


Theatre 3

Documentary – Widows Colony (English, India) 1 Hr, 13 Min  

followed by

Documentary – Crossing Lines (English, India), 31 Min 25 sec 

Meet Indira Somani & Leena Jayaswal (Directors)

11:30 AM (Buy Tickets)
Gilchrist Auditorium 
(John Hopkins Univ), 
9601 Med Center Dr,
Rockville, MD 20850

Together Forever, (English, USA), 42 Min 

Meet Nitin Adsul (Director)
12:30 PM (Buy Tickets)
Gilchrist Auditorium 
(John Hopkins Univ), 
9601 Med Center Dr,
Rockville, MD 20850
Saptapadii (Gujarati, India) 1 Hr 45 Min 
2:30 PM (Buy Tickets)Theatre 1

Untold (Short film starring Sanjay Suri, Director Vasu Vangala)

Meet Sanjay Suri

It Happens (Telugu/English) 1 Hr 1 Min 

Meet Sreekanth Samudrala (Director)


Theatre 2

Sikh Kid 2 Kid (Short film - 1st presentation) followed by

Bharath Stores (Kannada, India), 1 hr 32 Min 


Theatre 3

Alka Seltzer Please! (Short film) followed by

ID (Hindi, India), 1 hr, 27 Min  

3:00 PM (Buy Tickets)

Gilchrist Auditorium 
(John Hopkins Univ), 
9601 Med Center Dr,
Rockville, MD 20850

Shunya Awnko (Act Zero) (Bengali, India), 2 Hrs 8 Min  

Meet Goutam Ghose (Director)

5:00 PM  (Buy Tickets)

Theatre 1

Recuperation (Short film)

Lessons in Forgetting (English, India), 1 Hr, 36 Min  


Theater 2

Butterfly Carburator (Short film) followed by

Runaway (Udhao)  (Bengali, Bangladesh), 1 Hr, 36 Min

 Theatre 3

Sikh Kid 2 Kid (Short film- 2nd presentation) 26 mins

6:00 PM (Buy Tickets)Theatre 3

Neeraparavai (Tamil, India), 2 Hr, 12 Min 

7:00 PM  (Buy Tickets)


Tribute to Jagjit Singh Ghazal Night – by Farooq Shaikh and Poojaa Shah Talwar (Disciple of Jagjit Singh)

Sunday May 12, 2013

10:00 AM  (Buy Tickets)

Crowne Plaza

Workshop - Acting and Career in films (casting, sustaining)
- by Sanjay Suri Actor, producer, director

12:00 PM (Buy Tickets)

Theatre 2 

Meherjaan (Bengali, Urdu, Bangladesh), 1 Hr, 59 Min  


Theatre 1

Table for three (Short film) 

Meet Vick Krish (Director)

Shaya (Short film) followed by

Baavra Mann, 2 hr 7 Minutes  

Meet Jaideep Verma (Director)

2:45 PM  (Buy Tickets)

Theatre 1

Roots of Love, (India), (Short film) 26 Minutes 

Meet Professor Harjant Gill (Director)

Ekhon Nedekha Nadir Xipare (As the river flows) (Hindi, Assamese, India), 1 Hr, 37 Min  

Meet Sanjay Suri (Lead Actor)

2:30 PM (Buy Tickets)

Theatre 2

Shabeena's Quest (Short documentary) followed by

Lamha (Seedlings)  (Urdu, Pakistan), 1 Hr, 30 Min 

Meet ambassador of Pakistan Sherry Rehman

5:00 PM  (Buy Tickets)

Theatre 1

Highway (Nepali, Nepal), 1 Hr, 20 Min

6:30 PM (Buy Tickets)

Theatre 1

Documentary – In search of Riyal (English, Nepal), 1 Hr 26 Min  

Closing Night Special

Theater 2  (Buy Tickets)


5:00 PM

Panel Discussion - State of Independent Cinema in India and US

Panel - Sanjay Suri (Producer, Actor), Jaideep Verma (Director), Avinash Singh (Director), Leena Jayaswal (Professor, Film School, American University), Goutam Ghose (Director)

5:45 PM


Meet Indian Ambassador to United States Nirupama Rao

6:15 PM

Closing Movie - Gangoobai (Hindi, India), 1 Hr 30 Min 

Meet Sarita Joshi (Lead Actress)

7:45 PM

Post Screening Discussion with Sarita Joshi

8:15 PM

Closing Night Celebration with the Stars,

Light refreshments and beverages served.


Mothers Day Special - Mothers watch Free with a Paid Ticket
(Exludes Closing Night Movie)

May 12th Only

(If you are bringing your mother please email Sikha at to reserve her seat.)


3 Day All Inclusive VIP pass ( does not include workshops )

$180 per Person, $320 per Couple

Opening Night Special

$85 per Person, $150 per Couple

All Movie Pass
(Does not include Opening Night, Closing Night & Workshop)

$50 per Person

Each Movie

$12 per Person


$10 per Person

Ghazal Night with Farooq Sheikh & Pooja

$40 per Person

Closing Night Special

$40 per Person

All Events + Hotel Stay for Two (2 Nights incl. Breakfast)

$450 per Person, $600 per Couple

Cinematography Workshop

$20 per Person

Casting Workshop

$20 per Person



* Schedule subject to change, please check website for updates

* Hot and cold snacks and alcoholic / non-alcoholic beverages are available for sale throught out the festival 

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